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Cholera (Coleriform)

9 month and 24 day old baby.

Weight 4900g instead of 8400g normal weight

Terminal stage, probably will not live any longer than 24 hours. Immobile, collapsed stomach, upturned eyes. 10 absolutely liquid bowel movements per day

Treatment: Injections of Quinton Plasma: 500cc per day i.e. 250cc in the morning, 250cc in the evening during 10 consecutive days, then 200cc per day during 10 days

Able to tolerate 1/10th of body weight milk regime immediately, 1/8 body weight on fourth day

Increase of 400g weight in first 24 hours

Normal stools from 7th day on - complete healing - appropriate diet, gain of weight, no set-back

Result: completely cured