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Alopecia (progressive baldness)

First Photo: 10 September 1908 when admitted

Second Photo: 18 February 1909

Third Photo: 2 February 1910 - Treatment has been suspended since 8 months

Fourth Photo: 24 August 1910 - Treatment was not resumed

12 year old girl - Total Alopecia

Problem started in April 1905 with white blotches behind the left ear. Hair progressively disappeared. In September she was completely bald.

Prior treatments: Treated in the St-Louis hospital from September 1905 to February 1908 with cacodylate soda injections, ammonia lotions, sulfur drugs, acetics, etc. but without any results.

Subsequent and only treatments: Quinton Plasma injections, 50, 75 and 100 cc three times per week

Total quantity of injected plasma: 5400cc

Result: Total regrowth of hair in 6 months