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Dyspepsia, (progressive loss of weight)

Dyspepsia, chronic enterocolitis and terminal cachexia (Extreme weight loss etc.)

20 year old woman with continuous loss of weight for the previous five years; daily vomiting for the previous two years

Absence of periods for the previous four years. Two hospital stays remained without improvement. 

Only treatment: Quinton Plasma injections: 30, 50, 75cc injections three times a week. Total quantity of injected plasma: 1000cc 

Milk is tolerated after the very first injection, then, progressively, eggs, vegetables and meat. Her constipation disappeared after the third injection.

Gained 71kg in two months, normal periods after 45 days, regular diet gradually accepted.

The second photograph was taken 2 months after the first. Now the weight is 42kg 500g. The weight eventually increased to 49kg 600g.

Complete cure.