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Enteritis of a newborn baby

Enteritis of a newborn baby 

3 month 26 days-old girl - normal at birth, weight at 2 months 3kg 600g

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Digestive problems with continuous loss of weight while hospitalized for 45 days.

At 3 months weight is 2kg 650g Injections of Isotonic plasma at 30, 50cc, three times a week. As soon as under Plasma therapy, consumes 12 meals a day of 60 to 140g of pure milk per meal from 3 months 26 days to 6 months 7 days.

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At 6 months 5 days: Weight is 5kg 290g. In 2 months 10 days, the child doubled its weight.

Total quantity of injected plasma: about 500cc 

Result: completely cured, normal development