René Quinton - a true pioneer in Ocean Sciences - and there are others in our pages.
Dr. Jean Jarricot, MD
Director-Founder of the Dispensaire René Quinton de Lyon
Marine Origins and Pediatric Life
Extracts of the Acts of Congress of Thalassotherapy
Monpellier 1938
Printer - E. Hazel - Largentière - Ardène  1938
Translated from the French by the Ocean Plasma Team

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  I.  - Introduction
VI. - Conclusion

I. —  Introduction
I wish to thank the organizers of this Congress that was dedicated to the 'grand finale' of the infinite powers of seawater, to have given me the renewed opportunity to expound some of the ideas to which I have applied my work for the past 25 years or so.
Despite the fact that I have been accorded an exceptionally long discourse time (and I sincerely thank the Congress Bureau for that) my task comprises such a vast domain that I will still be constrained and can only touch upon the points that I want to particularly draw your attention to.
My demonstration will therefore take a schematic tour which I regret not to be able to avoid.
This will be even more accentuated in this present memo by the fact that it is, in itself, the succinct résumé of a conference that is already extremely condensed.
II. — The biological origins of the Quinton Marine Method
a) Quinton starts at the very top. Why are things the way they are? Since life propagates itself, that's because life is self-sufficient and has all the means to propagate itself.
All biological acts are useful. It is the research into this usefulness that should be the departure point of more complete knowledge of the phenomena of our present-day life, as well as what prompted the disappearance of various life forms.
b) The study of contemporaneous animal temperatures, and those of successive animal forms that existed parallel to the progressive cooling of the globe, shows clearly that life clings to, and wants to maintain, the temperature of its origins throughout the various cosmic variations (Law of thermal constance by Quinton).
c) The Thermal Constancy is not an isolated phenomenon. Life is associated with other characteristics. These are: the Aquatic Constancy, which regulates the considerable quantity that is contained in protoplasm; Osmotic Constancy, developed in the organism by the presence of the characteristic salts of seawater. The salt content not only applies to a rather constant mineral formulation of ocean seawater but also extends to the unique constancy of components that are in seawater as well as in organisms; and finally also applies to the relative proportions of salts that are found in one or the other by means of chemical analysis.
d) In summary, an organism, however high it is on the ladder of animal development, is like a marine aquarium where all constituent cells continue to live in original aquatic conditions (General Law of Marine Constancy by Quinton).
e) The survival of white blood cells in seawater, the survival of dogs that were totally drained of their blood and then injected with replacement seawater, the survival of dogs that had seawater injected that totalled more than their own weight, and many similar experiments prove the non-toxicity of isotonic seawater.
In those experiments, isotonic seawater is called Quinton Plasma and that is pure ocean seawater, diluted with natural spring water, with very weak mineral content, cold sterilized with a porous porcelain filter and stored in lead-free glass containers.
f) These evidently vital and toxin-less properties led to therapeutic trials and finally to the intra-tissular injection of seawater. Experiments conducted by Mr. Magé and Potocki, birth specialists in Paris hospitals, and who provided Quinton with proof of the superiority of seawater over artificial serum (a superiority that is already evident in the physiology laboratory), the Marine Method could not help but enter into day-to-day usage in practice.
This happened around 1905 with a success that was immediate and that should be definitive. This it is today, as proven by time.
As far as I am concerned, and without talking about my city children clientele, the children that have been followed in my Dispensary number more than 4,000. The number of injections that have been made number more than 150,000. The number of cubic centimeters injected would be in the millions. Important photographic collections, spread over 25 years, permit us to see decisive proof that supports the clinical results that I will show here. The number of injections (seawater injections done by the Dispensary in Paris) are 100,000 a year. The number of practitioners who use seawater by injection augments every day and that since a considerable time... and I reiterate: Time has vindicated the use of seawater as Quinton's Marine Method.
III. - Application of the Marine Method in pediatrics and pediatric nursing.
a) The Dispensaries of René Quinton
The Marine Dispensary is an essentially new formula of infant consultations; fully one third of the children that are followed by the Dispensary receive no treatment at all.
But imagine the situation where a doctor has to deal with a child that has hereditary syphilis, or tuberculosis or hereditary dyspepsia, or certain complications arising from alcoholism, of dysfunctions due to hereditary arthritis; in short - a child that is stigmatized by a certain congenital disease. Is it purely a dystrophy or a full-blown disease? The apparent symptoms might be superficial; there not necessarily any dark pathological clouds, intestinal or nervous, for example. But experience has taught us only too well that all those frail and fragile children are all somewhat challenged. They are all physiologically retarded and disharmonious, all incapable at arriving at the joy of life, even in an atmosphere of perfect hygiene. All these children, dyspepsic or not, should receive the liberal regimen of hypotrophics and the serum that can renew their impoverished and tainted internal terrain (milieu vital).
This is the principal task of the Marine Dispensary, its characteristic purpose, its highest raison d'être.
b) The Prenatal treatment 
The profound changes that occur using the Marine Treatment with children that have grave hereditary challenges, the lasting transformations of the wasted organisms, a host of detailed observations lead us to conclude that the same kind of modifications and similar transformations could even affect the fetus and its intra-uterine development. Therefore, this hypothesis was verified. Did the women give birth to premature babies, still-births, extremely stunted infants, congenital physiological defects and anatomical stigma of all kinds? Without any treatment other than seawater injections during the next gestation period, these same women brought infants into this world that were better developed than normal, devoid of any congenital defects, infants that developed with regularity and normalcy, that were still intact during years of observation.
Need we add that we are not seeing here any exceptional results, happy coincidences or just favorable and rare cases that one can only hope for but never see? We are dealing here with commonplace facts, facts that have stood the test of time.
IV. — Some Marine Criteria.
During the past 25 years, I have expounded various criteria of the 'Marine Action' whereby I have shown that the immediate action of seawater relates to liver functions. This was proven by biliary pigmentation studies in the stool of infants; by the selective action of seawater regarding the nerve center development of the infants, and the action proven by cranial perimeter variations of which I have some 50,000 data readings. But I want to only lightly insist here on the unique criterium which I have named "The Law of  Eutrophic Marine Constancy" [eutrophic = waters that are rich in nutrients and plant life].
This unique phenomenon consists of the fact that, when an infant takes part in the Quinton Marine Method Treatment (special feedings called "Instinct Regimen" and hypodermic injections of seawater, regulated by specific doses), he/she grows at a fixed rate no matter what the degree of retardation is at the start of the treatment. This rate is 800 grams per month, even, as we will see, during the first month of his/her life because this is the maximal growth rate that the human cell is capable of.
I have shown elsewhere that this growth rate is immediate no matter how long the infant's development is stationary. I was finally able to show, and this is a point that merits to be explained separately, that the results that were obtained were not just temporary ones.
V. - The Long-term Results.
As you can see from the photos we have shown, the very extensive observation that I have personally been able to collect over the past quarter of a century are extremely eloquent. But I possess, for several years now, documents that are much more decisive, if this  is even possible, and these are the long-term results.
I have investigated in Lyon and Paris what had become of the old athreptic cases, those that go back 10, 15 and even 20 years and more. A big surprise awaited me. All these infants lived all these years without any diseases whatsoever. All these tiny humans, with death at their doorstep (because most of our cases were those that has been abandoned and given up as hopeless), all these resuscitated infants found a new vitality that, according to the supporting documents, persisted throughout the years.
  VI. - Conclusion.
Having arrived at the end of my discourse and my available time, I have not yet spoken of the conditions which are necessary to obtain such results. There is, in fact, a distinct application method of which the injection of seawater, even if it is judged an essential part, is only one element to be observed. 
But I draw from the feedback I get from having submitted this method to countless publications, as well as all I have written myself. I will limit myself, in closing and thanking you for your attention, to expressing the wish to see you take notice of these successful conditions in the use of seawater and to try for yourself my experiences that I now invite you to use.
May the public powers-that-be take to heart some of the human issues, and I have shown you my reasons, and have recourse to the limitless powers of seawater, source of all life energy. 
VII. - Some References.
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