We try to keep René Quinton's spirit of discovery alive. Join us in this effort!
It is our pleasure to see you come to these pages for learning about an ancient therapy, a magical substance, a historical compilation of fabulous humanitarian work done by veritable giants in the field of medicine and biology not so long ago, but mainly forgotten now.
We hope that these pages will help bring back this knowledge, for the benefit of mankind.
Who we are:
The OCEAN HEALTH Team is a group of dedicated, passionate and caring individuals. We are mostly health professionals with many years of experience behind us. It is precisely that life experience that compels us to do our very best in order to revive the work of so many medical giants who brought us so much knowledge about the virtues and properties of seawater.
It is our challenge to create a non-profit organization that will have as its mission what we already do in these pages - to tell the world about seawater.
What you see here:
The information in these pages has been compiled and collected mainly from private sources, not from the internet. If you have any documents that should be included here, kindly let us know. We are in the process of creating a library of pertinent documents, books, tapes and video material that will be immensely useful to propagate our knowledge and further our mission.

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