Seawater has many uses - some might help humanity to survive a little while longer.
In this page, we try to familiarize you with a subject that is certainly strange but not unbelievable. It is the story of a plausible interaction of an "otherworldly" entity from what scientists call a "parallel" dimension. It speaks of the importance of dolphins in our oceans and their connection to seawater. We thought you might want to know about these things - even if they appear somewhat unbelievable. Please read on ...
The CHANI Project
During the years 1994 to 1999, a group of researchers  from an organization/corporation, which I will call RAND and Associates, or RA, had access to an underground CERN-like collider facility in Africa (the location is still classified). A contingent of AFRICOM security personnel was tasked with securing the base and, of course, keeping its location secret. The AFRICOM station commander made and supervised all the travel and accommodation arrangements for the team of researchers. They were closely watched 24/7.
Between those years, the researchers started receiving communications from an Entity who claimed to be from a parallel Universe/ dimension/timeline. A remarkable and groundbreaking interaction ensued. For a period of five years, researchers asked the Entity a series of over 20,000 questions and received answers to more than 95 per cent of questions asked. A very abbreviated excerpt is shown below, accompanied by our humble translation.
CHANI and Computer "Channelling"
What made CHANI unique from any other channelling method/technique is that the researchers never used a  human "channeller". Thus they eliminated the emotion, feeling and interpretation of a human channeller. It was a pure, directed and dedicated channel, not distorted or affected/infected by human mood swings or interferences from the subconscious mind of a human subject with possible suppressed emotion, memory and psychological trauma. The imaginative ability of human input was effectively removed from the calculations and result.
The precise mechanics of how these words were captured, displayed and reproduced using the CHANI device is still classified. To my knowledge, it was the first documented case in which a machine/device/ computer model was used successfully to make contact with, over a prolonged period of time, and interact with, or "channel", another being or entity. The researchers established contact with only one Entity.
The Entity referred to dolphins and mentioned their importance on a number of occasions. Dolphins somehow balance certain vibrations on Earth. Specifics were given, but that part was not cleared by Echelon for release. We should keep an eye on dolphin behavior and events involving dolphins. Their behaviour heralds events and Earth changes:
1.) "this planet first al water then ground comes dolfin decideing to walk ground your planet many wars happen then dolfin evolv remember water glory dolfin then go back and swim water glory dolfin most clever on this planet line time"
2.) "seawater has residu from dolfin comunication dolfin sqeek cause vibration of seawater to becom becon and balance energy dolfin more advanse than human this planet line time u must study dolfin"
3.) "dolfin always love al creature with god esense even human dolfin unerstan freedom of god esense many life time this line time dolfin keep your earth balance dolfin protect al planet and al creature on earth with god esense now human kil 2 many dolfin be4 time we want rescu dolfin bring them our planet share dolfin agree come our line time 15 may we prepare place"
4.) "many dolfin already sacrifice for keep harmonics balance yor planet and make yor suferings les very very big sufering coming and dolfin can not stop this even they try be brave but not enough u must lern harmonics yor planet soon or u demise not knowing anything and begin 0000 again"
5.) "yes sound dolfin make heal brainwave of al creature earth dolfin sound cause synaps make beter contact in brain make miracel hapen dolfin balanse harmonics of earth vortex ok"
6.) "many being live deep oceon and holow earth can give u human answer and helpings when u unerstand oceon u wil unerstan how cosmic travelings work easy ok
7.) "oceon have same compositing than space same element ok"
8.) "u unerstan salt and water and magnet u wil unerstan life and everything living"
Here is our loose "translation" of what they said above...
1.) "Eons ago, this planet was first completely covered with water. Then the ground came up and dolphins decided to walk the ground (evolved into land creatures). Your planet experienced many wars. Then dolphins further evolved and remembered their water glory. That's when they decided to return to the ocean and swim again in their water glory. Dolphins are the smartest, most intelligent creatures on this planet at this time."
2.) "Seawater has a residue (property) stemming from dolphin communications. Dolphins squeek and thus cause certain vibrations to become part of their environment, the seawater, which in turn becomes a beacon (focus?) and contributes to the balance of nature. The energy of dolphins is more advanced than that of humans on this planet who would be well advised to study dolphins at this time."
3.) "The God essence in Dolphins loves all creatures, including humans. Dolphins understand the freedom that God essence imparts throughout their incarnations in this time line. Dolphins help balance this earth and protect it and all creatures with their God essence. However, hmans now kill too many dolphins. Before this is carried too far, we want to recue dolphins and bring them to our planet. Many dolphins have now agreed to become part of this exchange. Before the 15th of may we will prepare a suitable place for them."
4.) "Many dolphins have already sacrified themselves to keep the planet's harmonics in harmony and to reduce your sufferings. There are immense tribulations comingand even dolphins cannot stop these events even if they try to be brave. This is not enough and you must learn earth harmonics soon or you will perish and have to start from nothing once more."
5.) Yes, the sound dolphins make heal the brainwaves of all creatures. Dolphins make sounds that cause brain synapses to make better contact. This allows for miracles by their balancing of earth's votexual harmonics."
6.) "Many beings live deep in the ocean and in the hollow earth who could help you understand and render assistance once you comprehend the ocean. Tha's when you will even know how to easily accomplish cosmic travel."
7.) "Oceans have the same composition as space - it is the same element."
8.) "If you understand [sea]salt and [sea]water and magnetism, then you will understand life and everything that lives."
Source: Excerpt from Nexus Magazine