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Seawater - is a mysterious substance - revered and feared for millenia - but it is also a therapeutic one and many eminent scientists and medical pioneers have experimented with and documented the strange and highly beneficial healing qualities of seawater.
Aside from the many therapeutical qualities that are exploited with thalasso-therapy, there are many astonishing chemical properties in seawater, where we distinguish between an isotonic form and a hypertonic form of seawater and each has its unique values and uses. All of its elements, as well as its pH, are naturally dosed in proportions close to those of the internal human environment and form a highly active biological synergy in a perfectly attuned matrix (ideal pH for human organism), that can only be termed 'alive'. One of the chief features and qualities of seawater is the fact that it has no side effects, contra-indications or secondary reactions or incompatibilities. It is not only THE perfect way to fertilize plants, gardens, and agricultural land but also also a fine way to balance the minerals and electrolytes of the human internal terrain.
This web site is an educational one. Yes, the prime focus is on one of the pricipal promulgators of seawater, René Quinton, for whom we have reserved a large section of this web site to show his life, his therapeutical protocol, his research and many of his success cases, complete with numerous revealing photos. We also have documents by Doctors such as Jarricot, Macé, Passebecq, M.F. Paya, Robert Simon, the Delalande Medical Research Center, de Lauture and even the Vidal Dictionary. A series of highly revealing experiments with dogs, undertaken by R. Quinton, were repeated some 50 yeas after the first series and they completely vindicated and supported the unique premise that diluted seawater can be a direct substitute for human and animal blood (plasma).
Because of the striking similarity between Isotonic Ocean Water and internal body fluids, notably the blood, diluted Ocean Water has been called by various names:
  • Marine Plasma
  • Ocean Plasma
  • Quinton Plasma
  • Marine Serum
  • Quinton Serum
Hypertonic Seawater is, of course, the pure undiluted substance that comprises our oceans. It is harvested with a stringent quality control protocol.
Many case histories are shown here and some of these will astonish you. Dr. Simon undertook a long series of case studies for pulmonary tuberculosis, while Dr. Jarricot concentrated on childhood diseases such as cholera and malnutrition. There is a very interesting document that deals with dehydrated children in Africa and another one that explains why pregnant mothers should consider taking seawater to ensure a trouble-free delivery. Seawater is usually taken orally. But it is traditionally used in many other ways as well. We show in these pages several other applications for seawater such as colonic irrigation and sports medicine. A comprehensive comparison is also undertaken to show the difference between regular hospital saline solution and isotonic seawater and it is clearly shown why the former is simply a chemical solution while the latter is a living and life-saving and life-restoring substance.
This web site is quite complete as far as the therapeutic quality of seawater is concerned, because not only do we provide historical medical applications and therapeutical uses by a variety of medical disciplies, but we also provide quite detailed protocols for using seawater - in specific ways, such as oral, by injection, topical, rectal, vaginal and other ways as well - not only in their original forms or protocol but also in their modern concept. Please realize though that we do not provide medical advice and it would be wise to read our disclaimer to full understand this matter.
We have a fine bibliography for many of our published and unpublished documents. Full credits are provided where we have quoted other related articles. In many ways, we endeavor, as a team, to provide up-to-date information and our mission is to further this immensely worthwhile cause any way we can. We also have a testimonial page where we hope to add further anecdotal case histories that don't really prove a thing but can underline in an eloquent way how seawater can help even little problems that we so much take for granted and often label as 'old age symptoms'.

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