Ocean water has many inexpensive and efficatious therapeutic uses.
Here we stress, more than anywhere else in this web site, that the information we present here is HISTORICAL AND ANECDOTAL and INFORMATIONAL.
Please consult our DISCLAIMER regarding the content of this page.
In this day and age - it has become increasingly difficult, if not outright impossible to publicly attribute any healing properties of anything for any disease. Unfortunately it is no longer possible to find the spirit of research and experimentation that empassioned the likes of Quinton, Jarricot, and many others.
Today, double-blind studies are required, costing millions and then such studies might result in a product being 'approved' for human use while being aggressively marketed, often prematurely. The product is usually very expensive, has to be controlled by a medical professional and ends up having worse side-effects than the disease the product is supposed to control or cure.
It is for this reason that this web site can only be an anecdotal one, an informational web site that does not claim any curative properties for the hero of our story - SEAWATER.
The major stumbling block for Seawater to make a proper and honorable 'comeback' is the fact that it is inexpensive and, if we can believe the fine doctors of 100 years ago, it is VERY effective. Furthermore, the use of this superb and UNIQUE substance is non-specific. One does not have to be a Ph.D or a surgeon to effectively use Ocean Plasma and its derivatives.
The obstacles that loom ahead for anyone wanting to promote seawater in any form are numerous but not insurmountable. Although seawater therapy was used 100 years ago mainly in the form of sub-cutaneous injections, there is a mountain of proof that oral use of hypertonic or isotonic seawater is just as effective.
All it takes is a few 'daring' doctors, a drastic situation where there are no alternatives other than seawater and a good reliable source of fresh water. The rest would be history. Not because the medical profession will demand a re-evaluation of seawater research such as was accomplished more than 100 years ago. It will be because the public will have seen the truth by demonstration and that event will go down in history as the turning point for medicine.
We are confident that the renewed global use of Ocean Plasma can make a significant contribution to the medical problems of mankind in the 21st century. Enormous progress will be achieved particularly in the area of agriculture where we will see increasing use of seawater for fertilizers and even as a substitute herbicide. We will do our best to overcome the many obstacles that WILL present themselves and we count on a wise and increasingly 'aware' public to be at least receptive and to share this valuable information with their families, friends and health professionals.
There is much to learn, there is much to do, and there is so much misery 'out there' that seawater seems to have the capacity to actually alleviate and CURE a wide variety of afflictions that cannot be named or claimed by any manufacturer. Diseases are not what Ocean Water cures. Ocean water deals with imbalances and creates normalcy where previously there was only chaos. These web pages attest to that. Whether Ocean Plasma can "cure" anything depends on so many factors that it is impossible to make a sweeping statement here.
To spread the word about the unique qualities of Ocean Water, we need to be educators, above all. We also need to practice what we preach and have an altruistic bend to try to make isotonic seawater available to those who need it.
We are prepared to do that.
Your help to spread the word is important. It could be a donation to our continued research or some help to expand our library. Just get involved and help us help others.

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