Ocean water has many inexpensive and efficatious therapeutic uses.
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An interesting article supporting oral use of seawater to treat Eczema can be found here.
A summary of oral use of Ocean Water
One hundred years ago, seawater was used traditionally by many medical doctors for a large variety of afflictions, often with remarkable success.
From 1905 until the beginning of the first world war in 1914, the biologist René Quinton carried out a tremendous amount of research to prove that diluted seawater (isotonic) is identical to the internal body environment, and he determined that seawater is a direct blood replacement. From these experiments he developed special harvesting methods for seawater and established a viable protocol for administering his increasingly popular therapy that he simply named "The Marine Method". Many case histories attest to the effectiveness of the seawater treatments. The protocol for oral use of Marine Plasma (Ocean Plasma) is exceedingly simple.
The medical doctor Jean Jarricot (pediatrician) worked for many years in his Dispensary where he treated literally thousands of children with seawater, his Marine Plasma, and he collaborated with Quinton to document detailed therapies and treatment protocols for nurslings. He had particularly good success with children afflicted with athrepsia and cholera. Even back in 1924, he already practiced oral use of seawater.
Doctor P. Barrière - retired Externist -
Laureate of the hospitals - Bordeau 1907.
Doctor Barrière has published a book entitled "L'EAU DE MER en ingestion dans les dyspepsies" (Ocean Water used orally in dispepsia cases) - its effects regarding gastric secretions and urinary excretion." This is a 22-page excerpt of the book referenced above.
In three chapter he explains:
1.) The oral use of Ocean Water - oral use of seawater from the time of Hipporates to 1904. There are also details of lab work by Professor Arnozan.
2.) Ocean Water when used by injection according to the work by Quinton (1897-1907)L'eau de mer en injection - its special influence with digestive problems.
3.) Ocean Water - its physical and chemical characteristics. Therapeutic definitions and intruction how to use it.
To read or download this historic document (in French), click on this link
As early as 1906, seawater was used with great success by D. Robert Simon in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis and even back then, oral use was mentioned.
Although Dr. Olivier Macé does not mention oral use, he had tremendous success in 1924 using isotonic seawater injections with difficult pregnancies and pre-natal applications. His detailed case histories are interesting to peruse.
In Senegal, Doctors H. Lauture and G. Mbakob (1978) successfully treated one hundred children suffering from profound dehydration caused by diarrheas, vomiting and malnutrition using subcutaneous injections and oral administration of the Marine Plasma. It was made quite clear that otherwise between 40-70% of these children would have died.
Drs. André Passebecq and Jean-Marc Soulier (year unknown) documented some very detailed scientific observations regarding the effectiveness of seawater in various applications and advocated oral use of seawater. Oral dosage as a mineral supplement does not seem to be very important - but regularity is. For a normalization of body fluid pH, a short- to medium term therapy of drinkable hypertonic seawater solution invariably brings quick results.
Dr. F. Paya (1997) reported using the Quinton plasma to regulate the endocrine system in cases of secondary hyper aldosteronism. He also reported excellent success with oral use of seawater in treating fatigue and maintaining the physical performance of athletes. Dr. Paya used either the isotonic or hypertonic seawater formulas, with both children and adults, in cases of dehydration, asthenia, loss of appetite and convalescence.
In Canada, seawater is used primarily as a FOOD, a nutritional supplement. Also, the isotonic plasma is increasingly being used in conjunction with colonic therapy.  
The Germans have shown that drinking the marine plasma was as effective as subcutaneous injections. Dr. R. Basser (1953) reported that 70% of his cases suffering from psoriasis, prurigo and neurodermatitis showed considerable improvement when treated with the marine plasma.
In 1954 Dr. R. Bench reported good improvement among one hundred allergic patients. In all his cases, he reported the profound effect of the marine plasma on the total organism.
Dr. H. Hansche (1957) observed that oral administration of marine plasma had powerful regulating action on the intestines. As well, he obtained remarkable improvements in many patients suffering from asthma and eczema.

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