René Quinton - a true pioneer in Ocean Sciences - and there are others in our pages.
In 1907 the first MARINE PLASMA was made available to the medical corps and to the general public. At that time the daily newspaper, L’Intransigeant, published the following article:
"The works of PASTEUR bring us a thought conception of disease. Those of QUINTON bring us a conception of health. What is Pasteur’s serum? It is a serum for and against a particular disease, a serum which attacks a given microbe and none other. What is sea water? It is a serum which attacks no microbe in particular, but provides the organic cell with the force to fight off all microbes."
Réné Quinton (1866-1925) was a French Physiologist and Biologist whose innumerable studies and scientific research led to his discovery of the virtues of sea water. He elaborated a method for preparing it for oral administration and injection.
Quinton’s grand discovery was his observation that the composition of water, from which issues life, is the same as that of our inner milieu, and he loved to call it the water of our aquarium. The only difference lies in the concentration: sea water verges on 33gr/l total salts, while that of our blood and inner milieu is 9gr/l.
Quinton drew up precise instructions for diluting and cold-sterilizing natural, complete and raw Ocean Water by cold micro-filtration through a micro-porous porcelain filter rated at 0.22 µ, thus preserving its beneficial properties. He named this water PLASMA MARIN (Marine Plasma) because of its being analogous to blood plasma, and he successfully performed many transfusions of this isotonic sea water on dogs. This Marine Plasma is today called by various names such as Quinton®Isotonic, Océan Plasma®, Ocean Matrix, Marine Serum. The term 'isotonic' is in  reference to man’s inner milieu - please consult our Chemical Seawater section for a complete explanation.
After much research and numerous scientific experiments, Quinton opened many health care centres where this simple, inexpensive means could be used to help save: first the children, whose mortality rate was extremely high at that time (see some of his success cases here), and later he extended his work to include adults. Numerous "Marine Dispensaries" were subsequently opened in France and even in Switzerland, where the treatment consisted essentially of injections of Plasma de Quinton, given according to very strict protocols, according to the pathology of the patient. This was the famous Marine Method.
In 1904, René Quinton wrote his monumental book: "L'eau de Mer - milieu organique" (Seawater - organic medium) that covers his research, observations and experiments. It is a massive and purely scientific book but it is also the most important that has ever been written on the subject of seawater. Please consult our Bibliography for further details.

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