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Dyspepsia, chronic Enterocholitis and Cachexia ...
  • Dyspepsia, chronic enterocolitis and terminal cachexia (Extreme weight loss etc.)
  • 20 year old woman with continuous loss of weight for the previous five years; daily omiting for the previous two years
  • Absence of periods for the previous four years.
  • Two hospital stays remained without improvement.
  • Only treatment: Ocean Plasma injections:30, 50, 75cc injections three times a week.
  • Total quantity of injected plasma: 1000cc
  • Milk is tolerated after the very first injection, then, progressively, eggs, vegetables and meat. Her constipation disappeared after the third injection.
  • Gained 71kg in two months, normal periods after 45 days, regular diet gradually accepted.
  • This second photograph was taken 2 months after the first.
  • Now the weight is 42kg 500g.
  • The weight eventually increased to 49kg 600g.
  • Result: Complete cure.

Eczema on Hands and Face
  • 50 year old woman with weeping infectious eczema on her face, neck, hands, and arms, strong itching
  • 30, 50 and 100cc plasma injections twice a week
  • Itching stopped after the third injection, weeping after the fourth
  • Total quantity of injected Ocean Plasma: about 560cc. No other adjunctive treatment given
  • Result: completely cured in 35 days

Eczema on Neck and Hands
  • 37 year old man -
  • First photo taken on 9th of March; 2nd photo on 2 April.
  • Lichenoid eczema on neck, hands and wrists for the previous seven years. Temporary improvements in hospitals but never any healing.
  • 21 injections overall: seven at 20cc each and seven at 30cc each with spectacular results but [still] too weak a dosage; then seven injections at 40cc each of Ocean Plasma.
  • Total quantity of injected plasma: 630cc.
  • Result: completely cured in about a month.

Eczema on Legs
28 year old woman - First photo taken on 24 January.
  • Infectious eczema on leg since 4 months. No results from previous treatments. Strong itching, difficulty with walking.
  • Impressive improvement on 13 February. But in order to arrive at the results of the second photo, weak doses needed to be continued since doses in excess of 30cc provoked new eruptions.
  • 41 injections overall, twice a week at a dosage of 20cc and 30cc. Higher dosages were avoided to prevent the patient from having a strong adverse reaction.
  • Total quantity of injected plasma: 1250cc
  • Result: Complete cure was confirmed six months after end of treatment.

Eczema - Infant
  • First photo taken on 23 April when child was already very much improved. The second photo was taken on 27 June.
  • Infectious eczema since 10 months. After two months of feeding by bottle, the child was put back  on the breast. The eczema appeared on the third day of this new regime. This condition persisted since then despite this diet and care.
  • Start of treatment was 8 April.
  • Absence of any medical treatment except for of Isotonic plasma injections.
  • 10, 15, and 25cc injections of Isotonic Ocean Plasma.
  • Total quantity of injected plasma: not specified, but about 400cc.
  • Since 27 May, treatments were suspended as healing was complete.
  • Health state: completely cured after 10 weeks.

Psoriasis Over Entire Body of Young Woman
  • 20 year old woman
  • Psoriasis all over her body for the previous six years. No results from previous treatments except temporary relief with Chrysophanic acid.
  • Injection dosages gradually increased: 30, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 200cc twice a week
  • Total quantity of injected Ocean Plasma: 9500cc
  • Result: completely cured in 10 months

Generalized Psoriasis - 16 year old Girl
  • Generalized Psoriasis all over her body for the previous five years
  • Intense itching. During a hospital stay the lesions paled but did not heal
  • Injection dosages gradually increased: 50, 100, 200, 250cc of plasma twice a week
  • Total quantity of injected plasma: not specified but about 10 000cc
  • Second photo was taken 1 1/2 years after the first
  • Result: completely cured after 12 months of treatment.

Enteritis of an infant
  • 3 month 26 days-old girl - normal at birth, weight at 2 months 3kg 600g
  • First Photo:
  • Digestive problems with continuous loss of weight while hospitalized for 45 days.
  • At 3 months, weight is 2kg 650g
  • Injections of Isotonic plasma at 30, 50cc, three times a week. As soon as under Plasma therapy, consumes 12 meals a day of 60 to 140g of pure milk per meal from 3 months 26 days to 6 months 7 days
  • Second Photo:
  • At 6 months 5 days: Weight is 5kg 290g
  • In 2 months 10 days, the child doubled its weight
  • Total quantity of injected plasma: about 500cc
  • Result: completely cured, normal development.

Infantile Cholera - 10 months old Baby
  • Cholera   (Coleriform)
  • We know little about this case history.
  • This child gained 1,660 grams in 3 months and was treated with Ocean Plasma.
  • Result: completely cured

Cholera  (Coleriform)
  • 9 month and 24 day old baby
  • Weight 4900g instead of 8400g normal weight
  • Terminal stage, probably will not live any longer than 24 hours
  • Immobile, collapsed stomach, upturned eyes. 10 absolutely liquid bowel movements per day
  • Treatment: Injections of Ocean Plasma: 500cc per day i.e. 250cc in the morning, 250cc in the evening during 10 consecutive days, then 200cc per day during 10 days
  • Able to tolerate 1/10th of body weight milk regime immediately, 1/8 body weight on fourth day
  • Increase of 400g weight in first 24 hours
  • Normal stools from 7th day on
  • Appropriate diet, gain of weight, no set-back
  • Result: completely cured

Athrepsia (faulty assimilation)
Athrepsic infant, weighing, at 3 months and 10 days, the equivalent of a newborn at 13 days
Treatment: the child was treated for three months with Ocean Plasma
Result: gained 3,150 g (7 lb.) in 2 months. Complete cure.

Athrepsia (poor assimilation)
  • Infant - 40 days old; weight 2kg. Veritable skeleton.
  • Treatment: Ocean Plasma - Quantity and dosage not available.
  • At 2 months and 27 days; weight 3kg, 980g
  • The infant was entirely normal at 10 months
  • Was followed for a long time; beautiful normal child.

Athrepsia (Poor assimilation)
  • 4 month, 10 days old infant. Only 54% of normal weight
  • Treatment: Ocean Plasma - Quantity and dosage not available
  • After 6 months, astonishing improvement despite an insufficient nutrition
  • Twenty-six years after this treatment we see a great encouraging result 
For more detail, please see ...Pioneers/Dr. Jean Jarricot, Case D

Athrepsia (Insufficient assimilation)
  • Two months, 14 days old infant
  • Weight: 53% of normal for her age
  • Treatment: Ocean Plasma - Quantity and dosage not available
  • After 7 months of treatment, since two months, her weight has doubled
  • The child developed normally
  • Twenty-six years later (Sept. 1911- May 1937) we see a great sample of healthy womanhood. 
For more detail, please see ...Pioneers/Dr. Jean Jarricot, Case B

Hypertrophy (from chronic gastro-enteritis)
  • 4 years and 9 months old child.
  • Chronic colitis, Weight of a young boy of 2 and a half years.
  • Treatment: Ocean Plasma - Quantity and dosage not available.
  • After 7 weeks we see an evident gain in weight.
  • Twenty-eight years after treatment (November 1909 - May 1937) we see a normal healthy human being! 
For more detail, please see ...Pioneers/Dr. Jean Jarricot, Case C

Hypertrophy (from chronic gastro-enteritis)
  • Six month, 9 days old infant
  •  Treatment: Ocean Plasma - Quantity and dosage not available
  •  Six months later, the improvement is remarkable despite many acute episodes
  •  Twenty-five years later, (May 1912-May 1937) the person is a specimen of perfect health.
For more detail, please see ...Pioneers/Dr. Jean Jarricot, Case A