René Quinton - a true pioneer in Ocean Sciences - and there are others in our pages.
Dr. Jean-Claude Rodet, Ph.D. 
Reproduced by permission from the author
Possibilities, Advantages and Benefits from Marine Serum for Colon Therapy.
Dr. Jean-Claude Rodet, Ph.D. – 1997
Translated from the French by the Ocean Plasma Team
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Hydrotherapy and Marine Plasma
Colonic Hydrotherapy is a therapeutic therapy that is essential for the elimination of intestinal toxins. The benefits arising from a competent colon irrigation are well known. Proper abdominal massages can augment the positive results of an intestinal wash.
However, how can one optimize the practice of colonic therapy and obtain still better results?
Our office practice has allowed us to identify several techniques and several adjunctive products that can be used for the complete colon therapy session or in the form of colonic baths, a sort of treatment finale, at the end of a seance .
The marine serum (Marine Plasma)
Many authors and their writings mention Marine Plasma, Quinton Plasma, Marine Serum, Ocean Plasma and other seawater appellations. Already in 1897, the biologist Rene Quinton (1866-1925) advanced a fundamental hypothesis which developed into an entire research paradigm focused on Marine Plasma: «There is a physiological similarity between Marine Plasma and Blood Plasma.» 
This hypothesis shows that Marine Plasma possesses the same ability to serve as mineral support to cellular life as human plasma does.
Marine Plasma is a therapeutic agent that has been used as part of René Quinton's Marine Method for the past 100 years and more. And what is this all about? It means using the therapeutic properties of SEAWATER.
Seawater is 'harvested' at 10m from the bottom and 30m from the surface (solar penetration zone) in conditions that guarantee absolute purity. After filtration using a cellulose membrane, the Quinton Plasma is prepared in a sterile environment in conformance of pharmaceutical standards (without metallic contact, electrical processes, elevation of temperature) and with all the necessary precautions to conserve the seawater's "Living medium" character and its molecular equilibrium. This Quinton Plasma contains the 92 basic elements and all trace elements.
The work of René Quinton and his successors
Here are but a few giants in this field...
  • Alexis Carrel, Nobel price winner in Neuro-physiology (1912) and a great scholar who significantly 'disturbed' the scientific establishment,
  • Dr. Jean Jarricot, author of the Marine Method and the work "The Marine Dispensary" in 1912,
  • Alfred Pichinger, author of several works dealing with the foundational Regulating System, at the Vienna (Austria) University,
...show clearly that seawater is THE living liquid that responds to the developmental needs of the internal terrain (environment, milieu) as it was defined by Claude Bernard. Claude Bernard showed already in 1865 that the human organism was composed three quarters of «liquids» that made up the «interior terrain» as if we swam in an aquarium.
The unique similarity between the Marine Plasma and the internal human terrain allows isolated cells (such as hematites and leucocytes) or tissue fragments or isolated organs to thrive in their most ideal conditions.
Alfred Pichinger showed that information (such as nerve stimuli, metabolic, immunological or vascular processes) traverses this extra-cellular liquid. When this milieu is depleted, or contaminated, then the cellular activity and the overall reactions of the organism weaken and pathologies appear. Bringing Marine Plasma [Ocean Plasma] into the picture allows a regeneration of the organism via substitution - rapid or gradual - of the internal terrain.
What is the composition of the Marine Plasma ?
Marine Plasma is complete seawater, an isotonic cold-sterilized non-pyrogenic (does not produce fever) dilution. It comes in 10ml vials, or 100ml bottles, or in 1000ml bottles. This entirely natural product evidently does not contain any additives, conservatives or stabilizers. Its very nature precludes the necessity of any conservative agent whatsoever.
Because of the fact that all 92 elements and all minerals and trace minerals are present in an organically balanced form in Marine Plasma, it is perfectly assimilable.
What are the general characteristics of Marine Plasma?
  • Isotonic (diluted by 2/3 spring water) seawater has a qualitative mineral composition that is similar to blood plasma, lymphatic fluid and interstitial fluid.
  • It is osmotically akin to blood per liter of solution i.e. it has the same molecular concentration of all osmotically active particles contained in the solution,
  • It has a pH of 7.3 - identical to blood pH
  • It is a nonpyrogenic solution, i.e. incapable to produce a high febrile reaction (fever)
  • It is a solution that contains all of the known and unknown natural elements that exist in nature.
What are the properties of Marine Plasma (Océan Plasma)?
«Marine Plasma is not a serum against this or that disease -
it acts favorably on all living cells.»
Dr Jean Jarricot
Seawater permits a normalization of the organism by promoting the optimal development
and activity of all cells.
"René Quinton showed - starting in 1904 - that the Marine Plasma [read also: Océan Plasma or Marine Serum or Quinton Plasma] is physically, chemically and physiologically identical to our internal environment and this enables individual cells (particularly hematites and leucocytes) and tissue fragments to thrive under the best possible conditions. It is therefore possible to directly replace with Marine Plasma [seawater] all of the blood volume of an animal (or other warm-blooded organism) - and this without any problems."
Dictionnaire des médicaments, Vidal (1975).
What are the modi operandi of Marine Plasma?
  1. An organic regeneration (gradual replacement of the impoverished or polluted internal environment).
  2. A biological re-equilibration (mineral supply, in a well-assimilable form, by trans-mineralization).
  3. A new influx of trace elements in a natural and active form (trace element synergy)
  4. A subtle inter-action of certain «trace elements» that are minute in their activity but necessary for all metabolic functions.
  5. Normalization of electrolytes of the interstitial fluid and the blood.
What are the pertinences of Marine Plasma?
These are very numerous. They revolve around all cases using the same reasoning: Renew the interior environment, cleansing, balancing, restore homeostasis (constancy of biological parameters while modifying the exterior environment). It is the finest support and regenerator of all cellular mechanisms.
Pregnancy and obstetrics
Congenital syphilis
Vomiting during pregnancy
Fetal hypotrophy
Prevention of hereditary problems
Anemia, asthenia, de-mineralization
Depression (post-partum)
Insufficient breast milk
Lactose intolerant
Gastro-enteritis, toxicosis, diarrhea
Athrepsia (wasted, final phase of malnutrition)
Hypothrepsia (insufficient body weight and height developpement)
Enuresis (involuntary discharge of urine)
Anorexia, wasting
Academic inadaptation
Behavioral problems
Lymphatic problems
Menstrual problems (aménorrhea, dysmenorrhea...)
Spasms and utero-vaginal congestion
Genital infections
PMS (Pre-Mestrual Syndrome)
Menopausal problems
Cutaneous System
Eczema, urticairia (hives)
Prurigo, lichen (fungal skin eruptions)
Hyperacidity (cutaneous)
Respiratory System
Bronchitis, sinusitis, rhinitis, coryza
Pulmonairy tuberculosis
Urinary Systeme
Urinary incontinence
Repetitive cystitis
Kidney stones
Rachitis (rickets)
Fractures (sequels)
Hyperlaxity of ligaments
Muscular pain
Muscular cramps
Muscular wasting
Nervous System
Psychic fatigue
Sleep disorders
Mental problems
Stress, irritability, spasmophilia
Memory andconcentration problems
Endocrine System
Thyroidal and parathyroidal dysfunction
Metabolic acidosis
Reproductive System
Sexual asthenia
Erectile Dysfunction
Buccal Functions
Prevention of caries
Mouth ulcers
Gastric ulcers
Duodenal ulcers
Spasmodic colitis
Gastritis, Enteritis
Food poisoning
Precocious senility
Mental problems
Urinary incontinence
Alzheimer's disease
Système Immunitaire
MS (Multiple sclerosis)
Cancer (possibly in conjunction with other therapies)
Bacterial rheumatism
Cardio-vascular System
Cold extremities
Arterial perturbations
Artificielle feeding
Intoxication, poisoning
Blood transfusions
Solvant for antibiotiques
In every case, the Marine Plasma is the «physiological serum par excellence».
What are the side-effects?
What are the incompatibilities?
None have been determined.
What are the secondary reactions? 
Generally none.
We can count on great security and safety in the utilization of this "water" due to the absence of "shock" and its respect for blood pH.
However, sometimes it can be noted, in the case of injections, that there can be a slight reaction, a certain excitation or fever of very short duration and this has been noted in cases of blood diseases or lymphatic disorders. This reaction can happen at the first injection but with the third injection there are no longer any reactionary symptoms.
One needs to remember that the observed results show:
  • a tendency towards hypothermia, when using injected Marine Plasma
  • a tendency towards hyperthermia when using physiological serum (saline solution)
Therefore, one can readily see a difference in effect regarding body temperature when using isotonic seawater or artificial serum (by injection).
According to L.F. Meyer (Deutsche Med. Wach, 1899), this difference exists because of the antagonistic action of carbonates and sulphates on the halogens (iodine, chlorine and bromites) which are the only substances that can be pyrogenic.
Comparison between Artificial Serum and Marine Plasma
Artificial Physiological Serum
(Saline Solution)
Marine Serum
(Océan Plasma)
After evaporation we find:
After evaporation, one finds
7,50 of NaCl (salt)
7,50 NaCl (salt)
27 elements in tiny amounts (traces)
sulphur, magnesium, potassium, calcium
bromine, carbon, silicium, iron, nitrogen, fluor, phosphor, lithium, iodine, boron
arsenic, copper, silver, gold, zinc, manganesium, strontium, rubidium, aluminium, lead, cobalt
Elevation of temperature - thermal rise after saline solution by injection. Invariably, injections of saline solution provokes a tendency towards hyperthermia.
Injections of Marine Serum (isotonic) invariably provokes a tendency toward hypothermia except in isolated cases of slight hyperthermia of very short duration.
The quanity of secreted renal liquid is almost double with Marine Plasma injections as compared to saline solution injections.
At the same time, the number of molecules of solids excreted by the kidneys is more than double when injecting Marine Plasma as compared to injections of saline solution.
Under the same conditions:
When injected with saline solution, the renal cells excrete:
Saline Solution
1 liquid molecule
1 solid molecule
The renal cells excrete when injected with isotonic seawater:
Marine Plasma
   1,9 liquid molecules
   2,1 solid molecules
This table shows that seawater (Marine Serum, Marine Plasma, Ocean Plasma, etc.) is significantly different from artificial Saline Solution.
According to R. Quinton in his book “L’eau de mer, milieu organique” page 184.
Marine Plasma and Colonic Therapy
Isotonic Marine Plasma is an authentic biological support for all of cellular life. Today, physiology and molecular bio-chemistry permit us to comprehend that the mineral identity of the two media (isotonic seawater and the internal terrain of our body) and their common origin allow our organism to naturally either select or reject what it needs.
The biocenoses (a group of interacting organisms that live in a particular habitat and form an ecological community) give marine ions a polarity that identifies them to the cellular receptors with great precision and this facilitates their assimilation and elimination.
This is not a conventional trace mineral therapy! The Marine Plasma therapy is a holistic therapy - a natural synergy of perfect assimilation, containing all the nutrients that are used by the organism, in a dosage that corresponds to a balanced internal environment.
By regenerating the internal impoverished environment that nourishes all cells, one can effectively reconstitute this "terrain".
Each salt, each mineral, can only be assimilated and metabolized if the interior terrain is balanced, even if, in isolated cases, such substance is available in a dosage that the organism needs. This underlines the limits, even the danger, of taking more or less massive doses of single elements (substances). For example, prolonged taking of magnesium salts will eventually lead to an unbalanced liver and pancreas.
Marine Plasma, by virtue of its unmodified constituents, is a perfectly balanced and assimilable supply that enables the organism thereby to adequately regulate itself. Seawater possesses buffering capabilities that can better ensure proper acid-alkaline balance.
The benefits of Marine Plasma in colonic hydrotherapy (Isotonic solution - 9‰)
  • The anti-shock/anti-reaction capability of seawater
  • Physiological «Wash-out» of the intestinal mucoid membrane (this action prevents colonic bloating and blockages of normal intestinal transits
  • Re-absorption, via the hepatic portal vein, of micro-nutrients (minerals and trace minerals) from the digestive organs. With the use of Marine Plasma, the blood will be rich in pure trace elements that can immediately restore the organism by the direct venous route.
  • Physiological K+ (potassium) equilibrium. This prevents a diminution of blood potassium (hypoalkalemia or hypopotassiumemia)
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Anti-spasmodic effect
  • Re-generation of the internal environment. This contributes greatly to the removal of toxins
  • Improvement of the intestinal immune system. The intestinal environment is a major immunological battlefield of our organism (70% of our immune system resides in the digestive system).
  • Hühnau noticed an improvement of all the intestinal mucosa following a Marine Plasma therapy
  • Röpffer studied the spectacular benefits, using hydro-marine therapy, in cases of gastritis
  • Jarricot treated numerous cases of enteritis and problems of assimilation with constipation or diarrhea in his Marine Dispensary (see our case histories).
Here follow the most frequent pathologies that have been treated with Marine Plasma:
Two techniques are possible with the use of Marine Plasma
   1) Complete colonic irrigation with seawater (very expensive)
   2) Normal colonic irrigation with filtered water and two liters of seawater at end of session to impregnate the mucosa that was liberated of its debris and toxins. Keep the liquid inside the colon for at least five minutes. Absorption will occur within the intestinal canal in 10-15 minutes.
Therapeutic enemas most frequently practiced at the end of a colon therapy session...
Produit utilized
Garlic (Allium sativum)
Liquid Kyolic, Quest Black Walnut, La Clef des Champs
20 drops/liter water
20 drops/liter water
AHT (Arterial hypertension)
Aloe Vera (Aloe vera)
Undiluted juice
1 liter
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
(Citrus limonum)
Natural Food Store
Juice of 1 lemon/liter
Abundant mucus
Frozen wheat grass juice
5 t.s./liter of water
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Immune system failure
Arabian Coffee
(Coffea arabica)
Natural Food Store
3 t.s. of ground coffee/liter of filtered water
Degenerative diseases
Sunflower oil
(Linum usitalissimum)
La Maison Orphée
1 liter
Linseed oil
(Linum usitatissimum)
La Maison Orphée
1 liter
Marine Plasma
Océan Plasma Inc. Montréal, QC, Canada
2 liters
See Note * below
Bicarbonate of soda
Pharmacy, Grocery store
1 c.s./liter d’eau
Intestinal acidity
Olive oil
(olea europea)
La Maison Orphée
1 liter
Chronic constipation
Sesame oil
(Sesamum indicum)
La Maison Orphée
1 liter
Red elm
(Ulmus rubra)
La Clef des Champs
3 t.s. of powder/liter of water
*Note concerning Marine Plasma:
Marine Plasma (Océan Plasma) acts on the living cell by renewing the interior environment and by restoring homeostasis without which one cannot have true health.
The principal pathologies for which Marine Plasma provides remarkable results are:
Acid-alkaline imbalance
Thyroidal dysfunction Chronic bronchitis
Menstrual problems
Pernicious anemia Spasmopilia
Menopausal problems
Intestinal problems
Repetitive cystitis
It is not our intention to present here an exhaustive list of diseases that could benefit from Marine Plasma, and neither do we wish to present Marine Plasma as a universal remedy or panacea that heals everything. Only, it must be well understood that Marine Plasma is, by its very nature, an essential health restoring agent.
In fact, Marine Plasma, by regenerating the internal impoverished and deficient terrain in which cells are trying to thrive, it actually corrects the terrain in a profound way. In this way, the cells can select any and all elements that they need in order for the organism to optimally function.

Annex 1
What are electrolytes and why do we need them?
Electrolytes are soluble minerals that can be found in interstitial fluid and blood. These minerals are naturally eliminated via sweating, and urine, and they need to be continually replaced. 
If the amount of electrolytes diminishes in the body, the level of energy also lowers just like a battery that loses its power. Replacing the lost electrolytes permits a return of energy and a faster recovery, like after a sporting event for example. The human body 'runs' on electric energy. Electrolytes transport that electric energy so that it can be utilized by all cells. When the supply of electrolytes is small, our whole system runs in low gear. Maintaining an adequate level of electrolytes in the body raises the energy potential and allows our systems to function in harmony and in the most efficient manner.
  • The electrolytes are indispensible for our cell's work and maintain a perfect acid-alkaline balance (pH) in the body.
  • A good electrolyte balance is essential to have well-balanced body fluids.
  • Recent studies have shown that electrolyte deficiencies play a larger role in high blood pressure cases than any excess in one's dietary habits.
  • The most important electrolytes are: sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and chlorine. But a proper amount of electrolytes is not enough to ensure good body function. Actually, electrolytes work in synergy among themselves and those we need in the smallest quantities (trace minerals) are as important as the macro minerals.
A good equilibrium of electrolytes in the body ensures a good supply of energy, a better muscular and nervous function (including a faster stress response) and improves all the functions of the body.
For those persons who drink distilled water or water obtained by osmosis, it is good to recharge such water with minerals because this kind of water contains none. In this manner, one can avoid mineral depletion (quantitative diminution) which could be the cause of many more or less serious health problems.
Marine Plasma (Océan Plasma) is an easy and fast way to prevent electrolyte losses and to replenish them.

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