Seawater has many uses - some might help humanity to survive a little while longer.
Maybe this is a wake-up call for all of us! Geology furnishes an eloquent testimonial that our lovely earth undergoes periodic cleansing cycles (ice ages) interspersed with warming cycles. At this time we are at the very end of such a warming cycle that lasts one +/- 10,000 or so years.
We are all experiencing a drastic reduction in the quality of health that we instinctively feel we should have and most of us consider the absence of paid 'good health'. Much of this significant lack of health quality is due to an ever-diminishing amount of minerals and trace minerals in our food chain and no amount of NPK fertilizers will compensate for that.
Elsewhere in this web site we are often drawing attention to the necessity of minerals and trace elements to sustain life and good health but only here do we explain the underlying causes, the inescapable wheel of nature that (thankfully) grinds and grinds and eventually restores wholeness to the crust of this earth, the thin and fragile crust that sustains the life we have become so complacent about and that we foolishly take so much for granted. It is fragile that life, for us, for mammals, for plants and before long, many species will have expired - maybe not forever - if DNA stock is preserved either by us of benevolent ETs that may have a clearer view of reality.
So, learn more about the true causes of global warming, the inescapable effects, what you and I can do about it long-range and how you can achieve acceptable, even excellent, health if you decide to provide your body with a full spectrum of the finest liquid minerals available on earth - .
Synopsis of...
"The Survival of Civilization"
by Don Weaver
Might "global warming" be the source of the energy to fuel the next cloudy and snowy glacial period--an eventual severe global cooling? Ecologist and engineer John D. Hamaker was convinced of it, having studied the current state of the Biosphere and the 25 glacial-interglacial cycles of the last 2.5 million years. It led him and co-author Don Weaver to publish The Survival of Civilization in 1982, to warn the world of this danger and to offer fundamental solutions to the complex problems involved in the regeneration of a late-interglacial demineralized soil and Biosphere.
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Hamaker saw that this Interglacial Soil Demineralization and Retrogressive Vegetational Succession required humanity to reverse the ongoing soil depletion practices of most agriculture and forestry, and to wisely and generously replenish soils worldwide, restoring them to high mineral and fertility levels such as were known to produce the awesome forests and vegetation of the Climatic Optimum ca. 8000-5000 yrs. before present. This can be done not only by returning all available organic matter back to the soil, as organic farming recommends, but also through soil remineralization with complete mineral-spectrum rock mixtures such as found in natural glacial and river gravel mixes, finely ground into gravel dust. Single rock types like basaltic rock can be very beneficial for remineralization, but Hamaker urged us to use broad mixtures when practical to best copy Nature's method of creating Earth's most fertile soils. Remineralization insures all the biologically essential elements are present in a natural balance, thus freeing us from the addictive chemical "fertilizers" and biocides that destroy the soil.

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Synopsis of...
"To Love And Regenerate The Earth"
Further Perspectives on "The Survival of Civilization"
by Don Weaver
To Love And Regenerate the Earth is the latest, most comprehensive effort by The Survival of Civilization co-author Don Weaver to inform the world's ecologists, scientists, farmers, foresters, engineers--all citizens and political representatives--that the Hamaker Thesis linking soil demineralization-vegetation decline-forest fires-CO2 buildup-climatic destruction to a new glacial period is backed by abundant evidence and should inspire unprecedented holistic response.
To Love And Regenerate the Earth re-emphasizes that there is a way back from accelerating ecological and climatic disasters, soil depletion with consequent crop and health depletion, and today's unprecedented rates of cancer and other diseases of modern civilization. The way back is really a way forward to Earth renewed and revitalized by the best of human intelligence, wisdom, and generosity acting to remineralize our depleted soils, and to re-plant and regenerate the Earth while time may remain. (How logical that our historical lack of generosity has resulted in a critical lack of regeneration for humanity and our life-support systems.)

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