Seawater has many uses - some might help humanity to survive a little while longer.
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  Louis Kervran
"Biological Transmutation", 1972, Swan House Publishing Co., Binghamton, NY.
According to French chemist C. Louis Kervran of the Conseil d'Hygiène in Paris, seawater contains far too little calcium to account for the rapid production of a shell (the calcium content of sea water is about 0.042% and a crab can form a new shell in little more than one day). If the entire body of a crab is analyzed for calcium, it is found to contain only enough calcium to produce 3% of the shell (even taking into account the calcium carbonate stored in the hepato-pancreas just before molting).
Even in water completely devoid of calcium, shellfish can still create their calcium bearing shells as shown by an experiment performed at the Maritime Laboratory of Roscoff: "A crayfish was put in a sea water basin from which calcium carbonate had been removed by precipitation; the animal made its shell anyway." (Kervran 1972, p.58)

  Alexis Carrel
(1873-1944) - contemporary of René Quinton
One of Carrel's experiments in tissue culture became the subject of a sensationalized news story and was viewed as a monstrosity by the public. In 1912, Carrel took tissue from the heart of a chicken embryo to demonstrate that warm-blooded cells could be kept alive in the lab. This tissue, which was inaccurately depicted as a growing, throbbing chicken heart by some newspapers, was kept alive for thirty-four years -- outliving Carrel himself -- before it was deliberately terminated.

  Prof. Kikuo Chisima
The founder of the Society of Neo-Hematology says: (http://home.iae.nl/users/lightnet/world/transmutation3.htm)
"It is generally believed that modern sciences, especially biological and medical sciences have attained to the marvelously advanced state. But we must not overlook the contradiction between the modern medical sciences and diseases. That is to say, the more medical sciences advances, the more patients suffering from incurable chronic diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, apoplexy and so on increase in number.
This suggests that modern Occidental medicine probably has some defects IN its principles. According to my opinion, those defects may be attributed to the following two reasons; one is the inadequate thinking of life, that is formal logic, mechanism and materialism are taken. And another is the misunderstanding about blood, especially the origin and function of the red blood corpuscles."

Biological transmutation seems to be not only possible, it is a fact. How do we know that? Think about it - plants do it all the time! A German biologist named von Herzeele conducted several hundred experiments in his Berlin laboratory and, despite the vehement opposition of orthodox Science, was able to document abundant proof that transmutation is a fact. Other very eloquent scientists have also contributed to the exploration of the subject of transmutation and we show some of that material here.
For several years now, we, at Ocean Plasma, have explored the lives of people who, according to written accounts, have ‘lived on air’. Some are historical Breatharians and others, like Dr. Barbara Moore, Jasmuheen and Hira Ratan Manek are contemporaries.
There is also mounting evidence that biological transmutation is a fact - not only for plants but for humans as well. Kervran, often referred to in Christopher Bird's excellent book "The Secret Life of Plants", has done much to prove that plants have no trouble transmuting one element into another. If you look at the molecule of chlorophyll and that of hemoglobin, then you will see readily why the blood of plants (chlorophyll) is practically identical to human blood, with only one major difference - the nucleus. In plants it is magnesium and in humans it is iron. Is it really such an enormous stretch of an imagination to conclude that humans transmute chlorophyll into hemoglobin - practically instantly? And why is it that one can remove ALL the blood in an alley dog's body, fill it with diluted seawater and observe a healed, peppy, healthy dog just hours afterwards?
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Source: Survival into the 21st Century by Viktoras Kulvinskas - 1975
Now, let's come to the point... and this page was, after all, prompted by a very intelligent question asked by Dianne Thompson, an astute health researcher, artist and wonderful human being: "My brother brought up a question about Ocean Plasma used as a blood transfusion substitute that I figured I'd better ask about. I know in the dog trials they did an almost complete replacement, but what about red blood cells? When would whole blood products be used as opposed to blood plasma, and how much Ocean Plasma could be safely used in transfusion overall? I know human trials haven't been done, but you must have some idea."
It is more than evident, we think, that science in general and medical science (?) in particular know precious little about the ability of Nature to transmute elements. Some of the above references support this observation and others will be added here to illustrate why Ocean Water such as Ocean Plasma (diluted to isotonicity of course) can indeed be a potent and efficacious blood replacement.
We have to remember that Ocean Water is a conglomerate of many salts and elements that play a crucial role in the formation of blood. We have seen above that chlorophyll has a striking resemblance to hemoglobin and that in essence the only difference is essence of the centering nucleus. The human body transmutes magnesium into iron and, voilà, we have hemoglobin. Why would Ocean Water, with its rich magnesium content, not be able to at least trigger the formation of new blood via transmutation (biological fission)?
René Quinton, in his book "L'eau de mer - milieu organique" (1904) - during his famous dog experiments that were successfully repeated some 60 years later), made painstaking measurements and performed exhaustive tests on:
a) Red blood cells count
b) White blood cell count
c) Hemoglobin
d) Temperature
e) Urine elimination
f) Weight
g) Extracted blood quantity
h) Injected seawater quantity
i) Physiological post-procedural observations etc.
The blood tests were also run post-operatively and proved beyond a measure of doubt that the "organism's" (dog) red blood cell count, despite the fact that ALL blood had been drained from its body, regenerated to half of normal counts by the second day after the procedure, and to just about normal blood counts by day 4. The dog lived happily for another five years thereafter.
We need to remember that not only are the factors of osmosis, diffusion and filtration responsible for the transfer of substances in the body to maintain the dynamic equilibrium of life (homeostasis) but that there must also be transfers of life force, of potential, of vitality from the seawater to the organism. Transmutation of seawater into blood is a certainty but the mechanisms are elusive to science as yet. And since scientists cannot explain the process, they deny its very existence.
Parallel and alternative studies have proven to the author that other factors are operative here, such as that of temperature reactions. René Quinton compared on pages 179-180 of his above-named book the 'organism's' reaction to isotonic seawater and to physiological serum (saline solution). The former provoked a lowering (normalization) of temperature while the latter invoked a raising of body temperature, i.e. a mild fever. Elsewhere in this web site we show other documentation (de Lauture) relating to the fundamental differences between seawater and saline solution.
The sun's energy (not necessarily its visible rays) seem to also have the ability to 'energize' and to literally sustain life. Numerous breatharians, heavily studied by Science, provide abundant proof that life, as we know it, is not derived by food or other substances taken INTO the body. To argue Ocean Water's ability to allow red blood cells to appear where there were none before, and in record time, seems to indicate that the bone marrow may not be the only place where blood is 'manufactured'. Prof. Kikuo Chisima (see above) seems to think that red blood cells derive from the villi in the intestinal tract.
Be this as it may, we would be extremely pleased if it could be proven that Ocean Water (isotonic) has the ability to create at least a favorable environment suitable and fertile for the rapid formation of healthy and vibrant blood in humans following a 'transfusion' with this life-giving and life-sustaining serum. We believe that Ocean Plasma is eminently suitable to do this and we are receptive to any serious exploration in this direction.
The following SIMPLIFIED approach seems logical and feasible but we would love to see it expanded into a serious professional proposal, prepared by a hematologist or qualified medical person.
Field trials:
A)The approach we would take is to do some heavy testing using Ocean Water in the form of an enema (colonics using only isotonic seawater).
B) Then we would remove one (1) liter of blood, dilute it with one tenth of a liter (100 ml) of Ocean Plasma (isotonic seawater) and re-introduce this mixture into the same body. This can then be increased until the ratio of blood vs. Ocean Plasma is 1:1 using different patients.
C) We would then add one tenth of a liter (100 ml) of Ocean Plasma (isotonic seawater) into a willing "organism". No blood would be added.
D) If all of the above was successful, we would proceed to introduce one (1) liter of isotonic ocean Plasma into several willing or needy subjects and document the results.
The result could be an acceptable, even preferable, blood replacement method that would find much favor throughout the world, especially those who either cannot afford whole blood or who are reluctant to use it for religious reasons or because it is suspected to be contaminated.
Please contact us with YOUR proposal.
The Ocean Health Team.

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