Seawater has many uses - some might help humanity to survive a little while longer.
Trees - what makes them die?

And here is the reason why...
Trees are living beings, like you and I. At present, we are at the very end of a 10,000 year cyclical global warm-weather cycle. This WILL (no if's and but's about it) very soon be replaced by another 90,000 - 100,000-year ice age. Geology proves this beyond a shadow of a doubt. Why does a warming cycle have to come to an end? You see, it is like this: Periodically, and that seems to happen in cycles of 100,000 ice-age years and 10,000 +/- 2,000 warm climate years, rain will wash most of the minerals of the upper earth crust into the sea. Inexorably, from local tree to a nearby brook; that brook inevitably flows into a small river which seeks a bigger river; which eventually empties into the ocean somewhere. So, most, if not all, available upper crust (top soil) minerals MUST, sooner or later, end up in the ocean.
Minerals in the soil cannot be regenerated (making fertile earth for a new forest) by any other means but by the slow grinding up of rocks into dust by glaciers. This then constitutes the foundation for new mineral-rich earth, fertile terrain for forest and cabbage and carrots and grains and fruit etc.
So, being at the very end of the warm weather period, (at year 11,000 if you please!!!!) we see forests dying everywhere. Scientists are asking why, and they blame the bugs and parasites. Wrong approach! These critters install themselves, are practically invited to the tree, when there is a lack of minerals which precipitates sub-health and finally ill-health and that, nature cannot tolerate. The tree must be put underground with all whim and vigor. That's the law of the bugs. And it is no different for human beings or animals. Only healthy organisms can be allowed to continue living. All else is eaten up and dies prematurely.
But there is a solution to bring forests back to vibrant health just as there is a solution for acidosis in human beings. Read on...

Look around you - many dead trees fall over to their death, even in no wind, because of softened trunks. Just like ACIDOSIS will cause a fertile condition in humans, acid rain, the AIDS of the forest, permits opportunistic diseases natural to each species, to start their internal consumption of the trees. It is as if natures servant, the tree infections, get the message that it's time to begin eating the tree, because only the strong should stand. We shouldn't blame the infectious disease which has been serving the natural selection process for millennia. Clearly we must look to the source of what is weakening the trees... you can easily see that acidity has rich and profound symbolism: In "Survival of Civilization" by John Hamaker, the chemistry of tree death due to acidification is traced to the leaching out of mineral content. He suggests massive remineralization of the forests by grinding up rocks and spraying the ground dust on the dying trees or on the exhausted agricultural land, to remineralize the earth and thus save civilization.
Next time you see a dying tree, see how it is quite whole-looking, but fallen over. Feel the wood in the trunk, core, just above the roots, where the break occurred. The bare wood edges feel soft and rounded, even though the break is apparently recent. Consider how healthy flesh is firmer/harder to the touch than diseased flesh, in humans.
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