René Quinton - a true pioneer in Ocean Sciences - and there are others in our pages.
There have been many venerable and honorable doctors and scientists who have taken up the torch for the dissemination of the many healing and regenerating properties of seawater, for the benefit of mankind. Here we list some of them... but there are many more!                
An awesome transformation
Ocean Water has been used for millenia for healing purposes and that was long before the days of high tech diagnoses and powerful heroic treatments - most of which fail to product adequate results.
This patient went from skin and bones to perfect health  in the space of two months as part of a Marine Method cure.  Read more about this remarkable case and others like it in these pages.
Learn much more here in our Quinton pages...
René Quinton, biologist.
This great man saved several thousands of children's and adults' lives in France and in Egypt at the beginning of the 20th century by using a natural serum (plasma), seawater with astounding effectiveness.
In 1904, he published his Master Work "L'eau de Mer milieu organique" - (1912: Ed. Masson) Reprinted: Ed. ENCRE 1995 and this volume firmly and scientifically established a therapeutic treatment method using the therapeutic virtues of diluted sea water. This treatment was called "The Marine Treatment", and the active therapeutic agent was called called Marine Plasma or Quinton Plasma. He established scientifically the organic relationship that exists between isotonic (diluted) sea water and blood plasma. He expounded therein the hypothesis that the primordial living cell came from the marine environment, the ocean.
Doctor P. Barrière - retired Externist -
Laureate of the hospitals - Bordeau 1907.
Doctor Barrière has published a book entitled "L'EAU DE MER en ingestion dans les dyspepsies" (Ocean Water used orally in dispepsia cases) - its effects regarding gastric secretions and urinary excretion." This is a 22-page excerpt of the book referenced above.
In three chapter he explains:
1.) The oral use of Ocean Water - oral use of seawater from the time of Hipporates to 1904. There are also details of lab work by Professor Arnozan.
2.) Ocean Water when used by injection according to the work by Quinton (1897-1907)L'eau de mer en injection - its special influence with digestive problems.
3.) Ocean Water - its physical and chemical characteristics. Therapeutic definitions and intruction how to use it.
To read or download this historic document (in French), click on this link
An English translation is in the works by the Ocean Plasma team.
Dr. André Passebec, Medical Doctor, Naturopath and Ph.D.
He worked closely with Jean-Marc Soulier, Doctor of Pharmacy, Ph.D. They co-authored a fine bilingual work entitled;
Dr. Jean Jarricot. MD
Photo courtesy of Dr Robert Castro.
Dr. Jean Jarricot de Lyon, MD.
(1867-1962). He worked with Quinton for a long time.
He authored fascinating works of which we show three in these web pages:
"The Practice and Results of the Quinton Marine Method in cases of Athrepsia and Infantile Cholera" ,
"Marine Origins of Life and Pediatrics" as well as
"Quinton Plasma in the Therapy of Nurslings"
Extracts from:
Dr J. Jarricot, Le dispensaire marin, Paris, Masson 1924.
All translated from the French by the Ocean Plasma Team.
Dr. Marc-François Paya, MD. - Sports Medicine Expert.
Professor Dr. Marc François Paya is a medical doctor at the University of Montpellier. He is a member of the Science Academy of New York, member of the American Orthopedic Association, member of the Francesca da Dor Association and medical director of its laboratories. He conducted an interesting study with
"Cylists and hypertonic seawater".
Dr. Robert Simon
Dr. Robert Simon, MD.
He worked closely with René Quinton and co-authored this important work in 1906:
"Seawater - Injected Subcutaneously in the Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis"
Translated from the French by the Ocean Plasma Team
Dr. H. de Lauture, MD and Dr. G. Mbakob, MD.
Steeped in science and evidently experienced in tropical regions, they jointly published an article:
Translated from the French by the Ocean Plasma Team
Delalande Medical Research Center (France)
under the directorship of Dr. B. Pourrias and Dr. G. Raynod – May 1969
Macé, Olivier and Quinton, René -
Quinton Plasma in subcutaneous pre-natal applications 
Translated from the French by the Ocean Plasma Team
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